Established Music Instruction – And Our Values

Yes, we’re proud of where we’re at with the Gilbert School of Music today.

Our music instruction is built on a decades-long tradition in the Gilbert, AZ area, one that families often value as they send their little ones to develop on their musical journeys. Besides having the bonafides in terms of curriculum and professional lesson plans, we have the track record that you want in a music school, to know that your little one is entering the halls of an institute with real acumen and a reputation for excellence.

The History of Gilbert Music School

The Gilbert Music School has been active in Gilbert since 1964. With over 50 years of music instruction, we have refined our curriculum approach to give students every resource that they need to learn classically or pursue improvisation, or practice a number of personal music skills. In that time, the school has seen the community grow and expand – and has grown along with it.

Again, one of our core values is to provide highly customized lessons for every student who walks in through these august doors. That personalization, that customization is important. It's not just a one-size-fits-all lesson plan. Students have their own directions they want to go in, based on their own philosophies of music, and our instructors are knowledgeable at developing their particular skill sets that way. That’s valuable for classical work later, or really, any kind of applied musical skill.

Recent Awards

Not to toot our own horn, but we also won the award for Best National Music School for 2019.

We think that that accolade comes from dedicated work and experience teaching young learners about the value of music in a way that's engaging and inspiring, and again, personalized to the individual.

Responsive Offices

In addition to all of the above, we’re one of the few music schools with full-time professional office hours for customer service and answering questions that families may have about lesson plans.

With no long-term commitment, you can get involved in a musical environment that fosters the best kind of teaching for your young learners, and access to workshops, recitals and more. Check out the online testimonials from satisfied clients, and the success stories for many of these children who learned to broaden their horizons and enrich their days with extracurriculars that make a difference – for life. Along with our students – we continually discover that music is a special thing, and deserves the investment in learning that comes with advanced mastery.

The piano is always a desired instrument because it is so enjoyable and versatile for music lovers. Music lovers can deliver beautiful melodies, harmonies, and rhythms by playing the piano. 

Getting your child involved with private piano lessons is one of the most precious gifts. If your child has shown interest in playing the piano, you can take the extra step to enroll them at a music school. Learning how to play the piano goes beyond reading the notes. This article explores various ways piano lessons may help to benefit your child.

School Performance

If your child is struggling to get good grades in school, playing the piano is an activity that may help to improve their academic skills. Studies have shown that learning how to play an instrument is closely connected to improved math skills. Since music involves math and reading, studies show that a child can be positively impacted by playing the piano. This is a great reason for you to consider the importance of getting your child involved with piano lessons.

Better Self-Esteem

Another important job that you have is learning how to effectively raise your child’s confidence and self-esteem. A child that takes weekly piano lessons may develop better self-esteem. Children can gain more confidence from participating in a range of school activities. However, they could also gain a huge benefit from taking music lessons. 

Private piano lessons are a convenient way for you to provide your child with the experience of learning beautiful music. This is also a way for your child to feel accomplished learning something new and exciting.

Coordination and Motor Skills

It is known that a child that plays musical instruments may develop enhanced motor skills and coordination. In the beginning, your child may have difficulty learning all the hand and foot movements that are required to play the piano. With time,  practice, and commitment, your child can learn to master coordination and motor skills.

Find a Great Piano Teacher Today

As you can see, there is a range of benefits that a child may achieve from regular piano playing. 

Having your child enrolled in piano lessons is a smart investment for you to consider. Signing up for piano lessons is also an effective way for you to fill your child with long-term positivity and help them to appreciate the beauty of music. 

You can reach out to us at Gilbert School of Music to learn more about our music programs and membership rates.

On our website, we have a list of 15 benefits of families choosing our music school for student instruction. We'll talk about just a few of these in this post, with an emphasis on the excellence that we expect from ourselves, to serve local families and provide students with a place to learn and grow.

Student Acknowledgment

One of the biggest rules of music instruction, in our view, is that it doesn't happen in a vacuum. Kids want outlets for their work, and they want to be recognized for what they have learned and what they can do.

Part of that includes our trophy and wristband recognition system where visual incentives and rewards tie students to their achievements.

Part of it is the availability of recitals and events where students can show off their stuff to an audience.

Both of these things build the confidence and growth of a student, so we pay attention to making these part of our itinerary and our structure. We think that there’s no substitute for these types of support. 

Competitive Learning Systems

We access the modern design of a learning management system or LMS tool in order to make our curriculum portable, transparent and versatile for our students.

The LMS is all the rage in IT-related learning, but some music schools still haven't put this type of learning in place. It really frees up the student's ability to learn on the go or in different environments or situations.

Our Community Lounge

In our studio, we've also created a place for parents and kids to take a moment and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. We think this is an important component of our setup, too. In general, we like to promote closer ties between our students and their families as parts of a community. The lounge setup stems from that philosophy. 

Our Instructors

Of course, there’s also no substitute for devoted, professional and skilled instructors for vocal coaching or for any instrument. 

We believe in our people! The teams that we have assembled are well respected in their fields as musicians, and experienced in really providing student opportunities. 

Get a free book with your participation at Gilbert School of Music. Ask questions or schedule a tour of the facility! Think about enriching your child’s life with music instruction at a place that’s well known around the East Valley. 

Being a parent can be very stressful at times. Most parents want to raise thoughtful and well-adjusted children. As the summer vacation for millions of children across the United States begins, parents are scrambling for ways to keep their kids active. The last thing you want is for your child to become an unproductive couch potato this summer. 

If your child has shown an interest in music, then encouraging them to pursue this interest is a good idea. Musical education is beneficial for children because it teaches them discipline, gives them self-confidence and instills a good work ethic. If you want to encourage your children to pursue their musical passions, then consider the information in this article. 

Get Them Some Professional Help

If you don’t have any musical training, it will be difficult for you to teach your child how to play an instrument or sing. Instead of allowing your lack of musical training to get in the way of progress, you need to find professionals to help your children. With the help of an experienced musical instructor, your child can learn how to read music, play songs and learn how to write pieces of their own. 

The team at the Gilbert School of Music is passionate about providing young musicians with the training they need to become masters of their instruments. Whether your child does better in a private or group setting, we have lessons to fit their needs. By getting the proper training, your child can grow as a musician. 

Carve Out a Practice Space For Your Young Musician

One of the main things your child needs to do to become a better musician is to practice. Encouraging your child to put in the work needed to become a better musician can be difficult. If you want to convince your child to practice their musical instrument, then you need to provide them with a space of their own. 

Using a spare bedroom in your office as a practice room is a great idea. Putting things like scale diagrams and chord posters in this room is a wise move. You also need to allow your child to put their own unique spin on the décor put into this room. With a practice room of their own, your child will look forward to playing their musical instrument on a daily basis. 

Take Your Child To Concerts

Once your child finds a musical instrument they are passionate about; they will start to seek out the best players of this particular instrument. If your child has a few bands they love that are still touring, then you need to surprise them by attending a concert. 

Taking your child to a concert is a good way to show them what is possible with the instrument they love. Concerts can also motivate your child to work harder in an attempt to emulate their musical idols. 

If your child wants to take music lessons, then it is time to check out the services offered by the Gilbert School of Music. 

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East Valley's Premier Choice for
Music Lessons!
Gilbert School of Music
709 W Ray Rd #C-3
Gilbert, AZ 85233
Westminster Arts Academy, 
14441 Beach Blvd #100, 
Westminster, CA 92683
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