Value Added Components at Gilbert School of Music

On our website, we have a list of 15 benefits of families choosing our music school for student instruction. We'll talk about just a few of these in this post, with an emphasis on the excellence that we expect from ourselves, to serve local families and provide students with a place to learn and grow.

Student Acknowledgment

One of the biggest rules of music instruction, in our view, is that it doesn't happen in a vacuum. Kids want outlets for their work, and they want to be recognized for what they have learned and what they can do.

Part of that includes our trophy and wristband recognition system where visual incentives and rewards tie students to their achievements.

Part of it is the availability of recitals and events where students can show off their stuff to an audience.

Both of these things build the confidence and growth of a student, so we pay attention to making these part of our itinerary and our structure. We think that there’s no substitute for these types of support. 

Competitive Learning Systems

We access the modern design of a learning management system or LMS tool in order to make our curriculum portable, transparent and versatile for our students.

The LMS is all the rage in IT-related learning, but some music schools still haven't put this type of learning in place. It really frees up the student's ability to learn on the go or in different environments or situations.

Our Community Lounge

In our studio, we've also created a place for parents and kids to take a moment and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. We think this is an important component of our setup, too. In general, we like to promote closer ties between our students and their families as parts of a community. The lounge setup stems from that philosophy. 

Our Instructors

Of course, there’s also no substitute for devoted, professional and skilled instructors for vocal coaching or for any instrument. 

We believe in our people! The teams that we have assembled are well respected in their fields as musicians, and experienced in really providing student opportunities. 

Get a free book with your participation at Gilbert School of Music. Ask questions or schedule a tour of the facility! Think about enriching your child’s life with music instruction at a place that’s well known around the East Valley. 

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