Group Voice

Beginners, ages 4-17

Gilbert School of Music has a GROUP VOICE program like no other!


    Group voice students learn to sing together, creating their first music ensemble! Teamwork, discipline, and fun are just some of the benefits of group voice. Students build a singing family and, as a result, can’t wait to return to class the following week. In the class curriculum, students work on technique, artistry, performance skills, and how to work with others. As a singer, it is crucial to know how to sing with other live musicians – whether they be fellow singers in a musical or with a band.

    Why group instead of private ?

      For the beginner, learning to sing in front of an instructor can be intimidating. But when placed in a happy environment with other kids their age, singing can be loads of fun! On day one, students are welcomed into the classroom and introduced to each other. Students learn everything they would in private lessons, the only difference being the environment and social aspect. Students have fun playing music games and building friendships all while still learning the proper technique, artistry, and performance skills of a true singer. By learning to sing with others, the students are naturally building strong musicianship skills and a musical ear. Performing a solo on stage, being a part of a musical theater production, or joining a band will be a breeze after taking this class! Group voice also helps students learn the importance of working well with others in a positive and encouraging environment.

      What does the group voice curriculum look like?

        Classes grouping is determined by age. All levels are welcome.

        Elementary students work on building a foundation for becoming a singer: breathing techniques, vowel shapes, voice placement, and song exploration are just some of the elements they learn in class. Students sing mostly group songs, but opportunities for solos are also given.

        Middle school students dig deeper into the elementary techniques and concepts of singing and music and apply those skills to their individual voices. Students also begin to develop aural skills while singing in a group setting by listening to the music being created around them. There are opportunities for both class and individual participation and instructor feedback. The class will work on song projects together to prepare for performances.

        High school students are trained to actively listen to themselves and their classmates. They are given the opportunity to explore different musical styles and genres. While performing in front of their classmates and instructor, students are taught aural skills, beginning music theory, harmony application of skills while singing solos, duets, and group songs; plus class and individual participation, and instructor feedback.

        Is my child right for group voice?

          Every child/teen is different. Some prefer to work with others, while some prefer to be one-on-one with an instructor. Other students may have specific goals for themselves, in which case we recommend private.

          For beginners, we always recommend trying out group voice for a month or two, and the instructor will always communicate on your child’s progress and give recommendations as needed.

          Take both! Can't decide between private or group?

            Many students are eager to get more out of their music education. We recommend taking both private and group voice lessons, so your child can benefit from both! Being in a group, all students must keep up with each other and follow a curriculum. Learning together can be fun but may not be flexible if your child has particular interests. With private lessons, your child can learn extra songs outside of the group class! Group training teaches the foundation, while private training teaches songs or anything else that your child may want to focus in on. Talk to the front desk if you are interested in this combination!

            Are there recltals for group voice students?

              Absolutely! Every Summer and Winter, group voice students are invited to perform in an actual theater. Students get to demonstrate the magic of group voice as an ensemble for their loved ones!

              Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge students a fee to perform. All family and friends are welcome to attend. In addition to the on-stage recitals, we also provide virtual concerts and performances around the community. See our performance page for more information.

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